Research says the number 1 New Year’s resolution is to lose weight. The 4th is to be happy and the 5th is to get fit.

Yet 90% of resolutions are abandoned before the end of January ha! 

Well that makes Walk as You Talk events  the perfect way to achieve 3 of the top 5 New Year Resolutions because Walk As You Talk is all about providing you with New Year Solutions.  Best of all, there is never a better time to start than right here, right now!

Our events create a real sense of achievement which improves self-esteem and builds greater confidence. All our events end with participants receiving certificates and photos as a memento of their rewarding experience.

Walk as You Talk events are about taking participants out of the workplace and into the great outdoors.  Experiencing freedom in nature provides clarity over our goals, improves focus and  decision making skills.  All of which makes us more productive and motivated people to be around.

ebook-advertIt’s also a unique opportunity to breathe fresh air, release feel good endorphins, balance our hormones and boost our metabolism and immune system.

Being outdoors naturally tops up much needed vitamin D (even on a cloudy day) and  promotes better quality sleep.  When combined with healthier eating habits, walking becomes the perfect weight loss and fitness programme!

Unique Value Added Bonuses every time includes;

  1. Availability of a Master Coach supporting participants on route to discuss personal and business issues in a safe yet relaxing environment.
  2. Nordic Walking & Fitness Instructor & 1st Aider
  3. Specialist activities such as photography master classes, walking meditation, free food foraging talks, cookery demos, wine tasting, massages and fire-walking to name but a few.
  4. Walking and sitting guided meditations.
  5. Enjoyable evening mini health based workshops delivered by inspirational workshop leaders all offering you a range of value added bonuses.

These events provide a stimulating and motivational environment for participants who are no longer satisfied with the ‘work to live’ mentality or a consumerist lifestyle.  Instead, we’re offering  the opportunity to live the life you dream of now.

So, if you need to de-stress by getting out of the office or home, find peace of mind, get fitter and lose weighttap into your creativity and fulfil your ‘bucket list’ sooner rather than later, then stop ‘putting your life on hold’.

The perfect moment is here and now, so  get your walking shoes on and join us.  You’re sure of a warm welcome, fun with like-minded people and lots of encouragement to help you achieve your goals.

Walk and be happy, walk and be healthy”.  Charles Dickens